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You Must Build A Boat

After the runaway success of their previous mobile hit 10000000, EightyEight Games released You Must Build A Boat on PC and mobile platforms back in June. Being a mobile darling in the past, this kind of game was met with a luke warm reception on the PC due to the lack of content compared to other titles on Steam. On iOS and Android however, YMBaB fit the space perfectly and captured the essence of the last title while building on it at the same time. Touch Arcade gave the game a perfect score, saying "It's a more complete 10000000, offering so much improvement all around that it makes the original game feel like a demo."

On Android the game has received over 7,500 votes with an average rating of 4.5, which is a testament to the game's quality and longevity. Both iOS and Steam mirror the same thoughts but to a lesser extent with a vastly smaller pool of players leaving feedback. I myself played the game on an iPhone 6 Plus and found the experience exactly want you want with a phone game. It's perfect for playing a few minutes at a time or if you prefer you can really knuckle down and blast through it.

In the time since the game's release we have only really seen the one major update which came out recently. There are now daily challenges and rewards (because of course every game has to have those now) and multiple playthroughs have been streamlined and improved. There hasn't been anything else in the way of new content, but this kind of game doesn't warrant that attention. Any new assets or ideas would presumably be going into the next title now that the hype has died off and that's ok.

You can expect to pay somewhere between $3USD and $5USD across all platforms with the preferred version being on your smartphone. With the holiday season upon I thoroughly encourage you to try out this game if you haven't already done so. It's the perfect was to pass the time while your family pretends to like each other.

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