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Dying Light

Dying Light

I love it when developers support a game the way that Techland has done with Dying Light. Numerous DLC and additional content packs have been released, both for free and as a part of the season pass, since Dying Light was first released back in late January and there is more to come as you can see in the following video that Techland has so conveniently put together.

As of this article, Dying Light is currently the 7th highest selling game of 2015 behind other Warner Bros. published games Mortal Kombat X and Batman: Arkham Knight. It was even featured on the Gamespot 'Biggest Games of 2015 (So Far)' list. Despite that, for whatever reason there just hasn't been that much talk about the game since the obligatory two week hype window that games seem to get now, and I really don't understand it.

We're right in that sweet spot where any major bugs or glitches that the game may have shipped with are now gone, there has been a mountain of new content added to the game, and perhaps best of all Dying Light has never been cheaper. With the recently announced story based expansion 'The Following' there should also be a wave of players returning to the title since putting it down the first time. Do not let this game pass you by as it is more than worth investing in and there has never been a better time to get it yourself.

My prediction is that Dying Light will be mentioned a lot in December when game of the year articles start going up. In all honesty it likely won't win next to more recent behemoths such as The Witcher 3 and the LONG awaited Fallout 4, but I believe even being mentioned in the same breath as those runaway success stories is a testament to what Techland has accomplished with Dying Light.

It has been really refreshing to see a studio support their game like this and all I want to say to anyone from Techland who might see this article is keep up the great work guys and girls. You do a great job on the social media side of things and I don't know if it's something in the water in Poland but you guys sure do love the fans. I really do believe that Dying Light and The Witcher 3 are prime examples of the standard all game studios should be trying to reach.

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Hell yeah. Dead Rising + Mirror's Edge = Win.

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