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"Brutal, focused, and mechanically rich, Helldivers is one of the best co-op action experiences you can have."

- IGN 9/10



"Unrelenting and brutal, Helldivers delivers fast paced action, epic standoffs and a comical approach to death"


- Destructoid 9/10


"...the stories you create will be ones that will stick with you long after you hang up the uniform."


- GameSpot 8.5/10


Back in March, Helldivers was received with a lot of praise from both critics and the general public. The game was given an 81 on Metacritic, which is no mean feat in of itself, but you can see from the quotes and scores written at the start of this article just what Helldivers means to some players.

You will die. A lot. It won't necessarily be from the enemy either as there is a huge variety of player deaths, especially comical ones. Interactive options between characters when playing online or couch co-op are also available such as reduced loading times for heavy weapons. It's one of the small details that make this top down twin stick shooter stand apart.

11 DLC Packs and two free expansions have been released since the game dropped, including:

  • Commando Pack
  • Defenders Pack
  • Demolitionist Pack
  • Entrenched Pack
  • Hazard Ops Pack
  • Pilot Pack
  • Pistols Perk Pack
  • Rangers Pack
  • Specialist Pack
  • Support Pack
  • Vehicles Pack
  • Masters Of The Galaxy
  • Turning Up The Heat

As with all games, Helldivers has had its share of issues in game play in the past. Specifically players have complained about network connectivity at the beginning and end of missions as well as the cross-play functionality between the PS4, PS3 and Vita. For more information you can read the extensive patch notes listed here.

Arrowhead Game Studio has been very interactive with the players since launch across all forms of social media, discussing feedback and suggestions even now six months after release day. The game is constantly being tweaked and re-balanced for a better playing experience as is evident by the next patch expected to be released in a couple of weeks. As of the time this article was posted you can even win some Helldivers merchandise by entering a gold ol' sloth naming competition over on Arrowhead's website. 

Comparisons to Diablo 3 and Starship Troopers frequently come up in discussion of Helldivers, so if that appeals to you then this game is perfect for you and is available right now via the PSN store digitally or through your preferred retailer such as Amazon for around $40USD.

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