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Six Months Later Gaming

The past six months have really been a proof of concept for Six Months Later Gaming as a whole. It started with a simple idea and has grown into something that I can honestly say I'm proud to have started. 

Before starting the site the thing that I had seen or heard about so many times in years gone by was the topic of game reviewers essentially cramming for a game review by playing it for a week straight to have the article ready for launch day or even earlier. Just like how the hard working people in the QA department of game studios can only test the title so much before it's released to the masses, game reviewers can only experience a slice of the overall pie as they brute force their way through. For linear games this is fine but with the huge increase of open world games in the past five years, this approach doesn't cut it any more because hindsight really is invaluable.

In addition to that. more than ever people have a backlog of games to play thanks to Steam sales and the increase in quality releases year on year. Games are being patched incrementally more and more. People are also now happy to wait for prices to drop before deciding whether or not to invest in an experience. All of these facts add up to Six Months Later Gaming.

The past six months have gone by so quickly, but I would have to say my proudest moment by far would be meeting and interviewing Morgan Jaffit from Defiant Development. Not only am I a big fan of his and their past titles but the fact that they are local to me makes it even better. There's a growing game development scene in the Brisbane and surrounding areas that I will be trying my hardest to talk about more this year. Unfortunately doing so can be a tough thing to do which brings me to my next topic.

I've found that covering games is a constant juggling act. While most likely being the games that I want to talk about anyway, reviewing recent AAA titles is a must if I want anybody to visit the website. Sometimes however, a local studio comes out with a game and seeing how I sincerely want to promote the local developers in Brisbane as well as Australia in general, I always want to write about it. Time constraints and "clickability" come into consideration.

This column has always been about covering the games that I like or that I think deserve a second chance after fixing up any launch errors and the like. That won't change heading into 2016 as it's these titles that inspire me the most to write. Moving forward I will continue to cover both AAA and indie games (particularly those from Australia) with a focus of writing more articles and covering more games than I have in the past 180 days.

On a related note, I am always interested in getting like-minded people on board who can help add to the site which is why I'm inviting anybody reading this to send through a message with a link to any previously written pieces that you're particularly proud of. It's my hope that with time and a quality team of people sharing a core vision, Six Months Later Gaming can grow to be a trusted source of gathered information, reviews and opinion pieces. 

Between the feedback I've received from readers directly and on Reddit, as well as some developers themselves, there's a sense of community starting to form that I couldn't have anticipated before this all started. For that I want to say a huge thank you to anybody reading this or has read anything I've put up before. Without you I might not still be writing this so I do sincerely appreciate you taking the time to visit the site.

Speaking of the website, here's a little peek behind the curtain. In 2016 I'd like to see the site improve with some database functionality so that people can search for a game/studio/publisher and an abbreviated list comes up with article summaries that you can further drill down into. With time and as more content is put up on the site, this will become especially useful to those hovering over the add to cart button while still unsure if they should purchase, and those standing in front of the rack at their local game retailer. If you have any other ideas then please let me know.


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