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Rocket League

It's the hit game that blew everyone's mind and needs no introduction. It's Rocket League.

For the six of you who don't know, Rocket League is a very popular game on the PC and PS4. So popular in fact that it was nominated for game of the year 2015 by most major publications. Even crazier than that, IT WAS FREE for a limited time on the PS4 which is a large part of it's boom in popularity.

In the six months since so many players scored their first goal and were hooked for many sleepless nights to come, the Psyonix game has become a hit phenomenon to the tune of $50 million and over 9 million players. Those are numbers that many AAA studios would die for and the craziest bit is that Rocket League still hasn't released on Xbox One yet. There's another few million players there.

The amount of support that this game has received has been very refreshing as well. It seems like every other week there's more bite size DLC being released for a few dollars at a time, and people are more than happy to pay it because this game has treated them so well. 

Since launch, Psyonix has added numerous sets of DLC, both paid and free, which include new maps, mods, music and more. Many other games could learn a thing or two here about how to get your user base on side when it comes to the DLC approach. With each add-on being released for a few dollars at a time, people are more than happy to pay it because this game has treated them so well. 

There really isn't much more to say here. Most people reading this already know every intimate detail about the game because they're still playing it. I'll leave you with a few quotes from various reviews of Rocket League and if you still haven't got it then you can pick it up now for $20 at Green Man Gaming.

PC Powerplay:

Fast, stupid and thoroughly enjoyable - Rocket League will eat your life five minutes at a time.

Game Informer: 

Once I fully connected with Rocket League’s controls, my car felt like an extension of me. It’s a sensation that’s all too rare in games, which makes it all the more satisfying when something like it comes along


Rocket League has all the hallmarks of a great pop song. It’s simple, easy to understand and it gets stuck in your brain like a fishing hook can get stuck on your thumb. It goes in easy, but is nearly impossible to remove.


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