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RTX Australia Indie Games

RTX Australia Indie Games

Last weekend I flew down to RTX Australia and checked out some of the indie games on display. I'll be checking back in with them in six months time because I thought it would be interesting to get a before and after perspective to see how the games have progressed after 180 days seeing as each game is at a slightly different stage in its life cycle.

Rogue Agent by Roguebox Studios is a stealth based puzzle game on iOS and Android with a PC release on the horizon. A range of enemy squad-based AI routinely patrol areas and the player must escape each room using various abilities and upgrades. It's the sort of game I can see being successful on the app store with enough word of mouth advertising. 

Rogue Agent was released on January 20, so I'll be checking back in to see how popular the game is and if there are any updates.

Invoker by Hellfrog Studios is a multiplayer card game somewhat in the vain of Hearthstone, but instead of simply placing cards, players run around a 3D environment collecting mana and picking up cards to be used against your opponent. I played a few games of it and found it a little hard on the eyes at first the way the UI was laid out, but I can see this game cultivating a very passionate group of players around it.

Invokers is expected to release in roughly a month from now so it'll be interesting to see what the final product looks like.

DESYNC by The Foregone Syndicate is an ultra-smooth single player FPS currently in beta with the hope of being close to release in six months time. Set in a digitised world and running at 144fps, DESYNC is a very impressive looking game. Level structure will consist of a few different maps with multiple stages to complete before facing off against a Dark Souls style boss. There are also multiple modes in place to extend the replayability. 

You can look forward to seeing the update on all of these games in six months time, so be sure to follow @6ML_Gaming for all of the latest articles.

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