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DOOM: Six Months Later

DOOM: Six Months Later

Driven largely by its successful single-player campaign, Doom is a welcome return to form for the genre-defining franchise. By sticking to time-worn traditions in all the right places and deftly employing some modern flourishes, id has rediscovered what made this demon slaying series so successful.
— Game Informer

What is it?

To those who remember a time when Doom was installed on more computers than Windows 95, this franchise needs no introduction. To anyone else who isn't getting old and decrepit, Doom is what you get when you combine Duke Nukem, Dead Space, and Gears of War. Now add some more blood and crank it up to 11 because we have some demons to kill!

Notable Issues

When the game first launched, it was only provided to reviewers and content creators one day before the official release date. We have since found out that this will be Bethesda's policy going forward, but back then it was very much seen as the studio not having faith in the product and not wanting the bad word to get out to the public before they had their money.

A beta of the Doom multiplayer had come out one month prior to release to little fanfare, and so fans were skeptical about the game as a whole. Luckily for Bethesda, the single player campaign was so unbelievably well put together that it completely put any worries that the player base may have had to rest.

While the content within the game was great, the PC version in particular had widespread performance issues, ranging from the game freezing or crashing all together to screen tearing, frames dropping, long loading times, and the sound not working properly. Fans quickly found their own workarounds and the issues were later addressed in subsequent updates.

What's Changed?

Four free major updates have come out since Doom shipped in May, fixing numerous bugs and adding new content such as:

  • Photo mode
  • Capture the flag
  • Capture and hold
  • FFA Deathmatch
  • Private matches
  • Arcade mode for single player
  • Prowlers vs Marines (Infection)
  • Bloodrush FFA mode

Many of the issues the game once faced are now a thing of the past, and while you may still occasionally experience some hiccups, the game has been thoroughly tested out by over a million players on Steam alone. The weapons have been balanced and there has never been a wider variety of gameplay options than there is right now.

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