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Top 5 Crowdfunded Projects In November

Top 5 Crowdfunded Projects In November

It's becoming very obvious just how big the resurgence in tabletop gaming is by the amount of it in the gaming sections of Indiegogo and Kickstarter. So much so that it's actually becoming harder to navigate these sites when looking for video games because every second campaign seems to be for a card game, tabletop miniatures, or some custom-made dice.

I'm all for those things, but maybe we're at a point now where both video games and tabletop games are able to stand on their own two feet in separate sections.

With all of that said, here are five more games to keep an eye on this month!

The FOO Show - Kickstarter

This one isn't exactly a game, but it's still very much something I'm interested in and I think you'll agree. When I get really sucked in by a game's atmosphere, environment, and storytelling, I find myself wanting to know more about it and the people who had this shared vision. Enter The FOO Show.

Utilizing VR technology, The FOO Show takes you inside your favourite games to interview the men and women who brought it to life. A good example is the interview they've already done with some of the Firewatch developers at Campo Santo. Headed up by Tested's Will Smith, The FOO Show is a real leap forward in bringing fans closer to developers in a very intimate setting.

Bears vs Babies - Kickstarter

When the creators of Exploding Kittens start a new project, you get on board and enjoy the ride. Enough said.

Shattered - Tale of the Forgotten King - Kickstarter

This Dark Souls-esque RPG/platformer, as a part of the Square Enix Collective, has hit the ground running with their Kickstarter campaign. Right now they are on the edge of being funded with almost a week still to go.

If you enjoy sinking your teeth into a nice meaty universe full of lore, give this one a shot.

Chessaria: The Tactical Adventure - Kickstarter

Chess in a story-driven fantasy world? I'm in! Chessaria reminds me a little bit of the mobile game Hero Academy in that it takes a game most people are familiar with and adds in several scenarios to mix it up. It also draws on my nostalgia for Battle Chess from WAY back in the day, so I'll be following this one with a fair bit of optimism.

Agony - Kickstarter

Set in hell, this horror title has just enough abstract ideas and scary looking arms coming out of things to make me not want to play it (while completely appreciating it for what it is). Then again, I'm a wuss, so maybe it's more your cup of tea.

See you next month!

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