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Australian Indie Games March

March is Australian Indie game month here at Six Months Later Gaming because it was around this time in September last year that we saw the release of numerous high quality Australian indie titles that deserve some recognition.

It's heartwarming to see so many titles being produced in a somewhat small and fragile local gaming scene, and doing well in the worldwide market at the same time. In the span of one month, games released included (in the order shown above):

This group of games runs the gambit as far as budget and scope goes, but each one brought along with it a story and background which we hope to gain some insight from in the coming weeks.

Covering AAA games is expected of a site such as this one, but taking time out to really dig into smaller and oftentimes richer experiences is refreshing. Be sure to check back in soon to see more from the creators of these titles.

Ninja Pizza Girl

Angry Birds 2