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Part Civilization and part tabletop game, Armello will draw you in with a beautiful art style and keep you entertained with a mix of card game, RPG and random elements.

Largely seen as the most AAA of the games featured in the Australian Indie Game March, Armello was first announced in 2012 before going through both Kickstarter and Early Access in the proceeding years. A total of $305,360AUD raised through crowd-funding and years of blood, sweat and tears later, Armello released in September of 2015.

Since launch, the team at League of Geeks have provided very regular bug fixes and patches. There have also been multiple major updates adding more cards and game options as well as improving visuals, gameplay, localisation, and the multiplayer experience. Post-launch achievements include over 1,700 reviews on Steam with an 88% positive rating and more recently being nominated in the Excellence in Visual Art category at the IGF awards a couple of weeks ago.

Overall the communication and new content from League of Geeks has generated a lot of good will and cultivated a loyal fan base, which is becoming a rarer quality in game studios these days. 


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