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Land Sliders

Once upon a time, Halfbrick alumni Luke Muscat, Phil Larsen, and Hugh Walters left to form Prettygreat games. Their vision was a game where the world does revolve around you, and thus Land Sliders was born.

Being a mobile game, there are a few staples that you can expect to be there including in app purchases, character progression, leaderboards and collecting coins. More importantly than that there's the unique world-moving mechanic to control movement in an ever increasing world which garnered Prettygreat a nomination for their innovation at the IGF awards.

What you don't expect from a mobile game developer is an ARG (alternate reality game) soon after the launch of their first game. That's a nice touch and it's that kind of attention to detail that leads to Land Sliders being named Game of the Year for 2015 by Touch Arcade.

A multitude of new characters have graced our screens since launch with every major holiday being represented, as well as new quests and general improvements. With new characters come new items to pick up as every character has their own collectible. It adds just enough visual variety and incentive to want to buy more characters to try out.

In the past six months Prettygreat have also released their second mobile game Slide the Shakes. Continuing the trend, their third game is slated to be called Slidey McSlideface.

You can get Land Sliders on Google Play and the App Store right now for FREE!

Six Months Later... June 1st, 2016