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Six Months Later... June 1st, 2016

Rainbow Six: Siege

The main complaint you'll hear about this game is the lack of a dedicated single player story mode and it's understandable as Rainbow Six Vegas 1 & 2 had some great single player moments (despite the first game's campaign ending out of nowhere...).

The Rainbox Six Siege team have to be commended for their dedication to supporting this game post release. With free DLC outlined for at least another six months, the players who stick around the longest are going to be the ones who are most rewarded and that's the way it should be.

Since release there have been many weapon skin packs, more ways to customise your character, new characters to play as, new maps, new modes and the list goes on. If a dev team is going to support their fanbase the way these guys are, players really need to rally behind them so this trend of free post-release updates continues.

Should you play it?

15,000 people on Steam can't be wrong.

Just Cause 3

The Just Cause franchise is in this weird place where each game comes out with some hype leading up to the release and then disappears, only to be seen every now and then as a GIF on r/gaming.

The open world can be fun to explore and there's lots of stuff to blow up, but it's almost as if it's being treated as a physics engine tech demo with several videos coming out post-release like these:

Most importantly since release is the addition of a jetpack in the Sky Fortress DLC Pack. While it makes the subtlety of gliding in the base game almost obsolete, it adds a new way to get around in style. Also, a FRIGGIN' MECH! (Part of the Land Assault DLC available on June 3rd).

Updates since release include general stability improvement, severely reduced loading times and a reduced amount of crashing which is always nice.

Unfortunately Just Cause 3 still doesn't have the inclusion of it's holy grail, multiplayer mode. A mod adding multiplayer gave new life to Just Cause 2 but despite several mentions it still hasn't been implemented for the latest title.

Should you play it?

If those videos didn't have you wondering about the possibilities then this probably isn't the game for you.

Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends

It looks, plays, and feels like the latest in a long line of Smash Bros. clones... because it is. While lacking the polish of the beloved Nintendo franchise, the world of Kung Fu Panda is ideal for a fighting game. It's one of those no-brainer decisions where you wonder to yourself how this hasn't been done before.

If you had hoped that the sometimes poor controls and lacklustre single player mode would be tweaked and improved in patches and updates then you'd be sorely mistaken. Outside of an update to bring in some micro-transactions adding cosmetic upgrades from the latest movie, their has been next to no support for the game and it feels like a quick money grab.

Should you play it?

Maybe if you a fan of the franchise who doesn't have a Wii U. Maybe.

Six Months Later... June 3rd, 2016

Land Sliders