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Firewatch: Six Months Later

“It is among the very best of the first-person narrative genre, and it reminds us what video game storytelling is capable of in the right hands.” - IGN

“It’s a gripping, compelling story set in a truly beautiful world that’s worth exploring.” - Forbes

What is it?

In the vain of shorter games such as Journey, Inside, and Dear Esther, Firewatch is an exploration game that you'll be breaking out every so often to complete in an afternoon session. The art style and voice acting are the stars of the narrative here.

Notable Issues

Localisation, collision and players escaping the playable area were the main issues at launch. Although minor, multiple patches were put in place to amend these problems.

What's Changed?

A small new feature was added in an April update that allows players to reset the current day. Outside of that there has been nothing particularly noteworthy that has changed in the game. As was the case when the game launched, Firewatch is still definitely worth a look.

Jane Ng, the lead artist of Firewatch, did however do a presentation at GDC this year all about the style of the game and building the world within. It's well worth watching if you want to have a look.

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