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Street Fighter V: Six Months Later

“At launch, SFV is merely serviceable for the seasoned online warrior. For the beginner, it is simply abysmal.” - PC Gamer

“If you're looking for anything other than a solid fighting game with strong netcode, you should probably hold off until the game sees a few more updates.” - Giant Bomb

What is it?

The gold standard of fighting games, Street Fighter V is the latest installment in the main series since Street Fighter IV back in 2008. Ryu and the gang return to once again become the centrepiece of the fighting game community.

Notable Issues

When Street Fighter V was released it was very light on content as the game was rushed out in time for the Capcom Pro Tour. It was more framework than game, missing many features including game modes, characters, an in game store and more, all of which were promised to be coming at a later date.

What's Changed?

To be fair to the Street Fighter V development team, they have done a really good job of communicating with their fanbase about the issues they have faced since launch. Despite the less than spectacular launch, they have managed to turn things around having added the following in the past six months:

  • Cinematic Story Mode
  • Challenge Mode
  • In-game currency shop (using both in-game and real money)
  • 4 new characters (Ibuki, Balrog, Guile, Alex)
  • 3 new stages
  • 8 person lobbies with match spectating
  • Rematch option post-match
  • New punishment system for quitting
  • Numerous improvements to the matchmaking, bugs etc

As it stands right now, you should have no trouble finding a match with a large portion of the user base still active at around 180,000 users daily on PC alone.

There is more to come with the recent announcement of Urien, a character not seen in over a decade, being added to the game in September. Not only that, the game will finally have a vs CPU mode in the same update!

Time to finish

Current Player Numbers


Metacritic Rating

Steam Reviews

Current Best Price

Historical Best Price

Overall Rating

2 - 3 Hours (Story Mode)

180,000 Daily (PC)


75.5% (Avg)

6,000 ratings / 49% Positive

$35.99 USD (Steam)

$29.78 USD


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