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Far Cry Primal: Six Months Later

Far Cry Primal: Six Months Later

“A very decent Far Cry game, but its handful of genuinely fun, original ideas are overshadowed by an overriding feeling of familiarity.” - PC Gamer

“There's nothing inherently wrong with Primal, but the structure of the game and most of the tasks you're given are one-note.” - Giant Bomb

What is it?

Similar to how Far Cry 3 was re-skinned to create Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, Far Cry 4 was stripped back and turned into an ice age Cabela hunting game.

Notable Issues

If you have ever played Assassin's Creed: Unity then you'll know that Ubisoft can go overboard when it comes to collectibles and side missions in an open world game. The same can be found with Far Cry Primal in that there's always something trying to grab your attention, but not always in a good way. It can feel overwhelming and never ending as you trudge your way through the game.

What's Changed?

Outside of the normal bug fixes, the only real add on has been the addition of a survival mode which is now undoubtedly the way to play this game. Despite the issues I mentioned above I still caught myself at times stopping to take in the ambient noise and immerse myself into the scene while tracking down animals. Removing the HUD and having permadeath as a constant threat takes it to another level.

Time to finish

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Too long

22,000 Daily (PC)

PC, PS4, Xbox One

75.5% (Avg)

5,000 Ratings / 70% Positive

$32.68 USD (Funstock Digital)

$26.12 USD

Avoid (if you've played Far Cry 3/4)

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