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Stardew Valley: Six Months Later

Stardew Valley: Six Months Later

“The core mechanics and relaxing aesthetic merge so well together that players will sink in to the experience and never want to leave.” - Destructoid

“Far more than just a farming game, this one-man labor of love is filled with seemingly endless content and heart.” - Giant Bomb

What is it?

A farm simulation RPG where you can sit back and relax or go crazy trying to build the most efficient farm possible. With an almost infinite amount of things to do and the support that indie developer ConcernedApe has given the game, it's easy to see why this game is so beloved by over 1,500,000 players on Steam alone.

Notable Issues

No game launch is ever perfect, but the release of Stardew Valley was one of the smoothest I have ever seen. There were a slew of small bugs to iron out but overall nothing particularly game-breaking to speak of.

What's Changed?

Besides the above mentioned bug fixes there have been some minor changes to the game in the past six months. An effort has been made to clarify several areas of the game, communicating to players exactly why certain things happen at certain times and what they should be doing if they're unsure.

In March there was an update to improve marriage in the game which added dialogue among other things, and in April another update further improved marriages as well as changing fruit tree behaviour in some situations. 

On top of that, it was this time last month when Stardew Valley was released for Mac and Linux. The future looks promising too as we wait for multiplayer, console releases, and the big version 1.1 update.

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