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Unravel: Six Months Later

“Get ready to have all the feels.”
- Destructoid

“Unravel took me on a surprisingly thoughtful and reflective journey” – IGN

What is it?

Every now and then EA surprise us with a game from completely left field. This is one of those games. Unravel follows the story of Yarny, a character made of yarn, where the player has to guide our hero through a series of platforming puzzles with a unique twist on the genre.

What's Changed?

In the past six months Unravel, and more specifically Yarny, has gained somewhat of a cult following. Some fans even have tattoos. It should came as no surprise then that Unravel can now be bought in a Collector's Edition that comes with a handmade Yarny in the box.

You can also now play the game for free if you have Origin Access on PC or EA Access on the Xbox One because Unravel has been added to the vault of games that already exist. I'm not a huge sports game fan but with PvZ: Garden Warfare, Battlefield Hardline, Need for Speed, and now Unravel, I might have to give it another look.

Time to finish


Metacritic Rating

Current Best Price

Historical Best Price

Overall Rating

6 - 10 Hours

PC, PS4, Xbox One

78% (Average)

$19.99 USD (PC)/$19.99 USD (PS4)

$13.32 USD


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