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The Division: Six Months Later

The Division: Six Months Later

If you can accept its myriad tonal inconsistencies and buy into the bullet-sponge combat, The Division is an intriguing social shooter that taps into the addictiveness of loot grinding in a novel setting.
- Game Informer

The Division offers a beautiful and realistic world which is greatly supported by fun and well-balanced gameplay with lots of variety in skills and weapons. But for now the game lacks high level content, making the experience a bit repetitive in the end.

What is it?

In online shooters we've always had a dividing line of realistic or sci-fi universes. We had Halo vs. Call Of Duty, and now we have Destiny vs. The Division. The only difference is that nobody cares anymore.

Notable Issues

Despite breaking sales records for Ubisoft at launch, the game had a comical player collision issue where people would get trapped in corners or most famously had to wait in line to speak to an NPC. Months later there were complaints about the end game content (or lack there of).

What's Changed?

I have to give credit where credit's due. Massive Entertainment, the developers of The Division, have done a great job of supporting the game and communicating with fans. You only have to look at The Division's Steam news page to see the dozens and dozens of updates they have made in the past six months.

Through three major updates (a fourth is coming soon) there have been many improvements, including new incursions, game modes, gear sets, weapons and much more. Even all of that hasn't been enough to bring back players with that end game still being the predominant talking point for those who are no longer interested.

Ubisoft announced late last month that they've delayed the next two paid DLC expansions so that they can focus more on the core gameplay before building upon it. It's that kind of loyalty to improving their game for the fans who have stayed strong that just might bring back some of the player base. 

Oh, and they also announced The Division: The Movie. Yay?

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