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Top 5 Crowdfunding Projects In September

Top 5 Crowdfunding Projects In September

Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and numerous other crowdfunding platforms always amaze me with the huge breadth in variety and innovation their campaigns offer. 

CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling Video Game! (Indiegogo)

After years of serious wrestling simulation games that fail the more they strive for realism, fans of the genre have just gotten used to the fact that there will never be another WWF No Mercy, Here Comes The Pain, or TNA Impact (I'm joking. Don't yell at me). If any wrestling promotion can bring back the fun, it's definitely CHIKARA.

With a cell shaded animation style and fast paced matches, the CHIKARA video game looks like it could be a good alternative to the WWE series, but I'll reserve judgement until I learn more about the controls. They always seem to be the sticking point in these games. Even still, check it out!

Rad Rodgers (Kickstarter)

In conjunction with the Duke Nukem developer 3D Realms (formerly Apogee Software), Rad Rodgers is being made as an homage to 90's platformers and really wants to bring that magic back with a modern twist.

When I first saw the trailer I was immediately reminded of the art style in Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, but thankfully that's where the similarities end. As is evident in the trailer, there are some adult themes within the game, and that first 'fuck' hits you out of nowhere.

I.C.U. - The Interactive Horror Game Show (Kickstarter)

This one really excites me as a concept of what the next generation of gaming could look like in this age of streaming. You take an online personality, throw them into the game, let the viewers control what happens, and just watch the chaos ensue. If you check out one game on Kickstarter, let it be this one!

Iron Tides - a Viking themed survival-strategy game (Kickstarter)

I'm not the world's biggest fan of turn-based strategy games outside of getting my annual Pokemon fix, but seeing the trailer for Iron Tides brought me back to my childhood with memories of playing Battle Chess for hours on end.

There's a lot more to it than that, but this is definitely one you'll want to keep your eye on. There's even a free demo to try out at their website right now!

Guts and Glory (Kickstarter)

If you watch any streamers or let's plays then you've probably already seen this game in action. It's been referred to as a 3D Happy Wheels and that's not far off the mark. This one is an absolute no-brainer to get behind because you know it's going to get funded.

BONUS CAMPAIGN - GX Australia (Kickstarter)

Usually we only feature the top 5 crowdfunding campaigns in this monthly article, but this last one is for a worthwhile cause.

GX Australia is the country's most inclusive gaming convention, celebrating everyone who is into gaming no matter what religion, race, or sexuality you may fall under. The kickstarter for the second annual convention is now underway and for the price of a ticket you will also receive three free games from a limited selection (I highly recommend Expand and Assault Android Cactus).

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