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Clash Royale: Six Months Later

Clash Royale: Six Months Later

If you can handle popping in and out just a few times a day to crack your chests, collect some crowns, and summon some archers, you’re in for a great time. - Game Informer

I encourage everyone to give this game a try, even if you're a vigilant hater of free to play.
- Touch Arcade

What is it?

Based in the Clash of Clans universe, Clash Royale is part MOBA and part deck building game. 

Notable Issues

I could talk about the problems with balance or bugs, but the underlying issue is one that Supercell can't get away from. The dreaded free-to-play moniker.

As a free-to-play title you expect a certain amount of shenanigans, but in Clash Royale you are almost actively discouraged from playing the game for too long due to the limited reward slots and the need to clear them using a three hour plus countdown timer. You'll find yourself playing a game or two before closing the game because there's no point continuing.

From a business sense it's a smart ploy by Supercell. Give the players small chunks and leave them wanting more. I'm sure a lot of the market research will tell you that there's a section of mobile players who prefer to play for a few minutes at a time, but to not have the option of playing longer without the use of a premium currency shows that the game lacks any variety and is simply a money making machine.

What's Changed?

There have been four major updates to the game since launch, adding arenas, game modes, 16 new cards, and several more chest types. Gameplay features such as the use of multiple card decks and live spectating have also been added. The usual bug fixes and card balancing that you expect from these games are also there.

Time to finish


Metacritic Rating

Estimated Daily Revenue

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iOS, Android


$390,000 USD (US only, iOS)

Not Recommended

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