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RTX Sydney 2017: The Gamer Guide

RTX Sydney 2017: The Gamer Guide

This weekend the brand new convention centre in Darling Harbour will open its doors to a healthy mix of gamers, anime enthusiasts and cosplayers, all of whom are there to see their favourite RoosterTeeth personalities. We'll also be there, but you might be surprised to find out just how much there is for us, as a game-centric website, to cover.

Last year was the first RTX in Australia and it had its fair share of issues. Ask anyone who was there on that weekend and the first thing they'll mention is the air conditioning, or lack thereof. You know how conventions are stereotypically smelly with a room of people who seemingly have never heard of deodorant? With the unquestionable 100% humidity in the air, it was more like swimming in con funk, not just experiencing it.

2016's RTX also had somewhat of an identity crisis with an eclectic mix of vendors in a space that was just a little too big. Australian cons tend to feature the same few stalls throughout the season (Origin PC, Sweet & Sour Confectionery, and Tee Turtle shirts just to name a few), but it was slightly under-represented on the gaming front. We caught up with some of the developers who were there, but it was not as big a focus as some expected.

This time around, RoosterTeeth has doubled down on gaming with a huge amount of games and brands on show. Xbox and Nintendo are a couple of the new booths this year, respectively showing off Halo Wars 2 and the Nintendo Switch, and Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima is the special guest who will be featured in a two hour interview with IGN alum Greg Miller (2:30pm Saturday on Centre Stage).

On top of that there are over a dozen games playable on the floor and here are just some of them:

GoatPunks by Alberto Santiago

Death Squared by SMG Studio

Brief Battles by Juicy Cupcake

Painters Unite by Canvas

Earthlight VR by Opaque Media Group

Merchants & Mercenaries by Echidna Studios

Siegecraft Commander by Blowfish Studios

Gunscape by Blowfish Studios

Framed 2 by Loveshack

Think of the Children by Jammed Up Studios

Dungeon League by Achebit

Blind by Tiny Bull Studios

We will be there to show our readers a little from each dev team, and as is customary on this site we will be chasing them up six months later to see how the progress is going on their titles in their various stages of development.

All the videos from RTX weekend will be uploaded to our new YouTube channel, and you can keep up to date with what we're up to over on Twitter: @6ML_Gaming.

You can also click here for more information about RTX Sydney, including schedules, vendors, ticket details and more.

RTX Sydney 2017: Media Perspective

RTX Sydney 2017: Media Perspective

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