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RTX Sydney Game Database

RTX Sydney Game Database

Here's a list of all the games that were on show at RTX Sydney last week, along with a trailer for each and my initial impressions. As always, we'll be following up on these in six months time.

Devolver Digital

Absolver by Sloclap

- Tense 1v1 moments

- Multitude of dashes and attacks

- Natural evolution of fighting games

Ruiner by Reikon Games

- Well thought out game mechanics

- Obvious comparisons to Hotline Miami

- Cell shaded/grungy style

Shadow Warrior 2 by Flying Wild Hog

- Great camera movement

- Good sense of humour

- VERY satisfying double katana

Strafe by Pixel Titans

- Another arena shooter

- Hands off approach with no tutorials

- Very floaty and no feedback

Surprise Attack Games

Think of the Children - Jammed Up Studios

- Instant fun

- Impossible on first playthrough

- Great co-op game

Blind - Tiny Bull Studios

- VR puzzle game

- Uses echolocation for seeing

- Gone Home style thriller

Dungeon League - Achebit

- Multiplayer dungeon crawler

- Several modes available

- Themed as a TV show

Hacknet - Team Fractal Alligator

- 2015 computer hacking sim

- Simple yet complex

- New DLC coming soon

Framed 2 - Loveshack

- Builds on the first game

- Drastically improved environments

- Stylish and slick gameplay

GoatPunks - Studio Canvas

- Goat-based multiplayer game

- King of the Hill mode on display

- Get powerups to rain down fireballs

Brief Battles - Juicy Cupcake

- Tight controls

- Rich colour palette & particle effects

- Great couch co-op gameplay

Halo Wars 2 - 343 Industries

- Visually impressive

- Excellent sound design

- Made with PC in mind

Death Squared - SMG Studio

- Unforgiving but fair

- Very polished

- Portal-like puzzle vibe

UFOTOFU - Albey Amakiir

- Original puzzle game concept

- Easy to learn, hard to master

- Beautiful in it's simplicity

Gunscape - Blowfish Studios

- Quake/Doom inspired FPS

- Tight twitch controls

- User created maps

Siegecraft Commander - Blowfish Studios

- Multiplayer fortress building game

- Good mix of RTS and tower defense

- Very well animated

Earthlight - Opaque Games

- Astronaut training VR simulator

- Backed by NASA

- Underwater training level at RTX

Merchants & Mercenaries - Echidna Studios

- Hex based strategy game

- Everyone plays at the same time

- Randomly generated for replayability

Painters Unite - Canvas Interactive

- It was Splatoon before Splatoon

- Paint enemies to convert to your team

- Several modes to mix up gameplay

No Man's Sky: Six Months Later

No Man's Sky: Six Months Later

An Interview with Kinda Funny's Greg Miller

An Interview with Kinda Funny's Greg Miller